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The University of Tennessee

Office of Disability Services

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Temporary Impairment

Temporary Impairment

Temporary Impairments include broken limbs and other non-permanent disabling conditions. Services for a temporary impairment include scribes for proctored tests, and note takers.

Another accommodation is The T-Access Van. Depending on the studentís impairment, the T-Access is available to transport students across campus. The student must contact the T-Access office to request to be picked up each time they need to utilize the service. The T-Access does not establish an individual schedule for students to be taken to and from class. Individuals with a temporary impairment must obtain a pass from ODS in order to utilize this service.

The form below, along with documentation from your doctor describing your injury, will allow us to accommodate you until you are able.

Ayres in the fall

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Disability Services
2227 Dunford Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996-4020
Phone: (865) 974-6087 (v)
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